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        A photograph to me is more than just a trigger for the memory, it's also the trigger for emotions and all the other sense bringing us back to where we once were.

        About Me

        Inspired by film, travels and culture, I enjoy a photography style that is cinematic, subtle and whimsical. Instead of words, documenting snippets of life encounters through photography have always been a part of me. I believe the people you meet and the places you go to always have a deeper story beyond those transient instances.

        I wish to connect with you and your loved ones genuinely and create an unfiltered relationship. Whether it’s a destination wedding shoot or an intimate proposal, the moments of your story captured would evoke emotions that are timeless and perpetual. This is not just a service I am providing, but you can see me as a sincere friend who captures your heart. I hope you could see me the same way and be comfortable in your own skin.

        I love you already for reading this far – we could be friends. Drop me an enquiry or just a message to chat!